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Our team of experts aligns Information Technology
solutions for your unique business requirements.

Our team of experts aligns Information Technology solutions for your unique business requirements.

Phone Systems


While text and video communications tend to dominate the conversation in this day and age, voice solutions are often still the crux of your entire communication system. By migrating legacy phones and unifying your IP communication solutions, you can create more nimble collaboration practices to enhance productivity and create favorable customer experiences.


CORE (10GB & 40GB)

What’s called a core network by service providers, or a backbone by enterprise private networks, is a central part of a telecommunications network that provides various services to customers who are connected by the access network. Core / backbone network provides paths for the exchange of information between different sub-networks. The key functions of core networks include: aggregation, authentication, call control / switching, and gateway services.


A Software Defined Network differs from a traditional network by shifting the traffic shaping and management responsibilities to a single administrator-controlled console. In doing so, SD-WAN replaces traditional routers and switches with virtualized versions in order to deliver services wherever they are needed, streamline management, as well as increase security and reduce costs.


The main goal of virtualization is to improve resource allocation and eliminate redundancies. By creating virtual versions of high level information technology solutions such as hypervisors and containers, to virtual desktops and cloud services, the applications and data are freed from the physical resources they run on, drastically improving efficiency and lowering costs.


A Hyper-Converged System is one that offers network, compute, storage servers, and virtualization functions into a single box. By bringing everything together, you can create a more efficient and scalable infrastructure, increase security, improve performance and centralize management.


Manage data in a concise, scalable and high-performance fashion. Whether you need to connect through software and network driven capacity (NAS) or connect multiple servers in a network through a single storage source (SAN), the newest innovations in hybrid and all flash storage solutions allow you to maximize performance, data integrity and reinforce infrastructure.



Instant messaging allows employees to make contributions to their team from any device, anywhere, quickly and constantly. Empower your mobilized workforce.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you have ever tried to convey a complex idea over the phone, you know just how true that statement can be. With Video Conferencing solutions, you can not only create more collaborative and effective conferences, but you can also offer all of the relationship building, context-rich experiences that face-to-face meetings offer. Whether you’re a remote worker, or an executive in the boardroom, you get more out of video conferencing solutions.



Even the most protect network may have organizational blind spots. Our experts can comb through your enterprise to help you develop best practices for your users and data, recommend Information Technology Solutions based on your needs or even do a risk analysis based on your infrastructure’s security profile.


Once vulnerabilities and threats have been discovered, we provide services to assist with remediation of the threats according to risk level.


As businesses increasingly turn to the cloud to achieve business goals, reduce their footprint and increase operational efficiency, users and data may be at risk. With Cloud Security you can protect users wherever they go, secure your documents and data and enable innovations while maintaining a secure footprint.


Vulnerability scanning is designed to analyze computers, networks, or applications for weaknesses. The ultimate goal performing a vulnerability scan is to identify components within a network that are susceptible to known vulnerabilities.

Call Center


In a world of automation and Information Technology Solutions, we seek to connect with a live person to help us solve any problems we may face. With an effective contact center solution, you can field calls and increase customer experience and satisfaction, all while gathering information on how your business can be improved through advanced analytics.

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