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Trust our team of experienced project managers, architects and engineers
to design, deploy and manage your Information Technology.

Trust our team of experienced project managers, architects and engineers to design, deploy and manage your Information Technology.


Strategic Consultation

We start with open ears, taking a consultative approach that lets us understand your business needs and objectives. Instead of leading you toward certain products and services, we work to share your vision so that everything we do builds toward the best outcomes for your particular needs.

Holistic Focus

Harmony creates an end-to-end solution for every project. We begin by listening to your objectives and understanding your business goals. Once we understand your measures of success, we use our vast resources to employ a proven, repeatable process that ensures consistent delivery of real results from every project.

Professional Services

Sourcing the Right Solutions

We never push you into prefabricated solutions or blindly steer you toward preferred providers. We use what we learn from our consultative meetings and employ our resources and expertise to identify and customize Information Technology Services that will solve the challenges you need to overcome and that will create the greatest value for your organization.

This is where the pros live

Any phone company can sell a system, but when it comes to sophisticated installs, you want the experienced professionals at Harmony helping you.


After your project launches, Harmony works behind the scenes to ensure that implementation and onboarding are successful. We continue to provide support for the entire lifecycle and to act as your point-of-contact for your vendors and providers.

Project management

We help you stay focused on strategic initiatives and keep your internal IT staff dedicated to critical tasks, through our project management services. Our expert project managers guide your investments through every stage of planning and decision making.


We prepare and execute a successful deployment of every project to ensure that your investments seamlessly launch. Our comprehensive team of account executives, project managers, architects and engineers facilitate communication for fast, successful integration of new products and Information Technology Services.

Managed Services

Eyes-on 24/7/365

Our network operations center is always watching your system – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Throughout the lifecycle of your Information Technology Services, Harmony provides ongoing maintenance and management of your investments to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely. Save your time and energy for strategic efforts while we minimize your costs and ensure that you have the best solutions to achieve your business goals.

IT Asset management

It is simply the business of safe and responsible management of retired IT equipment. We view it as a problem solver and peace of mind for customers as the majority of them do not have a strategy in place to handle ALL decommissioned assets. The two priorities for our ITAD customers are brand protection (certified recycling and data destruction) and ROI (remarketing gear for customer).

Quick Fix

In most cases we can fix the issue, before you know there is a problem.


At both the technical and strategic level, our maintenance Information Technology Services help manage your investments before and after deployment. At our staging facilities, we prepare your purchases for launch. Throughout the relationship, our engineers work to design and maintain systems that fulfill your contracts and exceed expectations.

Carrier Services


Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a type of data-carrying technique for high-performance telecommunications networks. MPLS  extends networks by securely directing data more efficiently and, avoiding complex lookups in a routing table.


Fiber is the fastest and most efficient long-distance method for data traffic and communications.

Fixed Wireless

The wireless network what connects everything. Devices, computers, data centers, security functions, the wireless network hold the framework to fundamentally links each one of these technologies together. Yet, not all wireless networks are created equal. By creating a blazing fast, scalable, secure and resilient wireless network, you can empower the rest of your organization to evolve with it.

Layer 2 Transport

Layer 2 Transport is a type of Virtual Private Network (VPN) that uses a point-to-point tunneling protocol and MPLS labels to securely transport data.

Converged voice and data

By migrating your analog phones to a digital VoIP solution or converting them to digital through SIP Trunks, you can effectively integrate voice, video, desktop sharing etc. through a single networked line, massively cutting expenses while improving sound quality and reliability.


Metro-E is a metropolitan area network (MAN) that is based on Ethernet standards. It is commonly used to connect subscribers to a larger service network or the Internet.

Coax Broadband

The convergence of voice, video, and data over a single infrastructure is the trend in broadband communications networks worldwide. Hybrid fiber/coaxial-cable (hfc) networks offer broadband signal capability combined with rugged performance and economy.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking enables company’s analog phone systems to send and receive calls via Internet. SIP trunks are able to control voice, video and messaging applications.

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